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Kogi State Deputy Governor Edward Onoja Appealed to Carry Indegenous Igalas Along

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His Excellency Chief Edward Onoja, the executive Deputy Governor of Kogi state has been appealed to by the National Coordinator of Igala Discovery and Reconnection Project, Amb Ayegba to carry along the indigenous Igala people in the Kogi Central and Western Senatorial districts of the state in order to strengthen the weak bond between the indigenous Igalas in the three senatorial districts of the state, as well as for the speedy development of all Igala territories irrespective of the locations in the state.

In a brief explanation, Amb Ayegba stated that just like how some Kogi east Igalas are of Idoko, Ayegba, Atiyele, their relatives, Igalamela, Igalogba, General Attah palace, etc, the people of Koton Karfe are descendants of Ohiemi who was a relative of Attah Ayegba Omaidoko, hence are of Attah Igala ruling house; the Kakanda people especially the ruling dynasty are descendants of Agachun and Idoko, hence are of Attah Igala royal house; Ajakotu, Adogu, Ogodo, Ukpake Igalas were from different clans from Idah some of whom were from the Attah Igala’s palace, some from Ankpa, some were member of Attah’s warriors, etc; some Ganaja people are the descendants of the Attah Igala’s Royal Navy in charge of waters ways (Rivers Niger and Benue), others are of Agaidoko and Aboko Ocheje clans; some clans in Okehi and Okene are descendants of Igala warriors and palace men who followed Attah Abonika Omadivi, the first Attah of Ebira from Attah Igala’s palace, Idah where he was coronated as Attah before he proceeded to Okene. These communities also have some descendants of the followers of Onojo (Onunojo), the Igala woman married by the father of Ebira Tao. She was married from Olichekpe community, adjacent Oforachi in the present day Igalamela/Odolu LGA of Kogi state, and that all these are our family members and relatives residing outside Kogi east.

He added that , Chief Onoja being the number one Igala citizen of the state presently should use his good office to reunite the indigenous Igala people across the three senatorial districts- Kogi east Igalas, Kogi west Igalas and Kogi central Igalas, that when the “lips come together, whistling can be made”.

Amb Ayegba also prayed for His Excellency, Chief Onoja, the Olimene Attah Igala, and appeal to him to join hands with Attah Igala, HRM Agabaidu Idakwo Ameh Oboni II by contributing his quota to the Igala Discovery and Reconnection project of Attah Igala which has led to the discovery of many indigenous Igala towns in about twenty eight states of Nigeria and about twelve countries outside Nigeria, as well as the holding of first and historic Igala National Congress (which had six states Igala people in attendance) hosted by Attah Igala in his palace on 15th February, 2020. He also thanked him for the Igala house at Anyigba and appealed to him to contribute to the development of Idah to look like the headquarters of the great Igala Kingdom that it is.

Amb Ayegba Abdullahi Aduojo


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