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Nicki Minaj Wants Michael B. Jordan To Change Name Of J’Ouvert Rum

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After announcing the moniker of his booze brand, the actor faced cultural appropriation charges.
It appears nowadays that everyone is involved with liquor brands. We’ve lately seen Kendall Jenner reveal her 818 brand Tequila and Michael B. Jordan’s portfolio with J’Ouvert Rum is reported to diversify. It is another opportunity for celebrities to capitalise on their reputation by opening up new money streams, but Jordan has soon been tackled with claims of cultural appropriation.

“Deriving from the Antellian Creole french term ‘daybreak,’ the description of the rum states,’ J’OUVERT was first founded on the streets of Trinidad before dawn, a celebration of emancipation mixed with the Carnival season to be the informal start of the festival. J’OUVERT Rum, produced on the same islands, is a tribute to the party [start].”

Nicki Minaj has come out with a viewpoint following the viral issue and was widely appreciated, particularly given her Trinidadian heritage. She sent a comment from someone angry over the rum moniker of Jordan. “J’Ouvert also known as jouvay, began in Trinidad at the Canboulay Festival, a period when sugar cane fields had caught fire and slaves were always forced before complete destruction to gather the remaining crops.”

Carnival is a historic occasion, and people believe that their heritage is utilised to sell alcohol without sufficient homage or regard. Nicki wrote in the title, “I’m sure MBJ didn’t do anything he believed Caribbean ppl was hurtful – but now that you know, alter your name and continue to grow and thrive.”

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See her post and a few answers below.


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