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Reason Why SSS Operatives and ’21’ IPOB Members were Killed in Enugu’s Violent Clash

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There has been an update regarding the incidence that ensued between the security operatives and the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) over the weekend in Enugu state. The incidence occurred in the early hours of Sunday and it disrupted church service around the area with members fleeing for their lives and not be caught in the middle of the event.

The incident has generated a lot of heat and latest update is the number of casualties that were recorded as a result of the incident. Read through below for more information.

Reason Why SSS Operatives and ’21’ IPOB Members were Killed in Enugu’s Violent Clash

The clash between IPOB and the security personnel that occurred on Sunday morning was intense and bloody which resulted to high number of casualties.

From our findings, at least two State Security Service (SSS) operatives were killed, allegedly by members of the outlawed Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB).

On the other hand, IPOB in a statement said 21 of her members were killed by the security operatives during the violent outburst while 47 members were arrested.

The incidence still remained fresh in the mind of many residents and passersby including worshippers who were on ground when the clash between both parties occurred.

This is not a welcome development and definitely not what the country needs especially with the level of insecurity issues that we are facing in the country.

The effect of this ruckus between IPOB and the security operatives has brought about mixed reactions with some condemning the act while others believe the secessionists are right to fight back.

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The action by and large has been condemned because it is not the right step to settle any indifferences.

The action resulted to vehicular and human traffic as the police combed the area in search of IPOB members. Also, it was frustrating for residence in the community who were scared for their life and to an extent hindered activity in the area.  

The reason for the violence was believed to have begun when the IPOB members retreated from following the commands of the security operatives. Reason why the security forces visited the vicinity at first is not known and why the IPOB members were arrested also not known but we believe that ongoing investigation will reveal and make it clear what is not known now.

Conclusion on Two DSS Operatives, ’21’ IPOB Members Killed in Enugu Violent Clash

It is now confirmed so far, the number of deaths during the violent clash between IPOB and members and the SSS operatives that ensued on Sunday. Violent clash is not an event that has a good ending but an ending of grief and sorrow.

Such is the happening and outcome of the clash between IPOB members and security operatives in Enugu state. The event is not one to be remembered because of the blood shed and fumes of teargas and gunshots which scared the passerby and residents in the environs.


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