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Swae Lee – ‘Won’t Be Late’ (Feat. Drake)

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Swae Lee ‘Won’t Be Late’

Swae Lee the one portion of hip jump team Rae Sremmurd was generally known for his enchanted voice on French Montana’s 2017 hit tune ‘Extraordinary’. His crushing touch and engraving on the melody was what blew the record and took it to the main three on Billboard Hot 100.

Swae Lee has been consistent on his pound since the leap forward and has worked with other A-rundown artiste in the music business. Going performance and beginning another adventure he discharges two stunning melodies ‘Won’t Be Late’ and ‘Sextasy’.

Won’t Be Late” is the record created by our own one of a kind hit producer, Tekno including Champagnepapi. The beat is an ideal afro-playful mixed with the remote cool pop stable. Drake likewise utilized our very own slang ‘Ikebe and Bakasi’ to supplant Ass. #AfricaToTheWorld

Swae Lee ‘Won’t Be Late’lyrics

[Intro: Swae Lee] EarDrummers

[Verse 1: Swae Lee] Tell ’em again, tell ’em off (Tell ’em off)
It just dawned on me (On me), what’s right, feels wrong
No, no wingman, that’s only my A game
At this game, two can play

[Pre-Chorus: Swae Lee] Kill your vibe, they don’t have the right
Baby don’t fight it, you’re giving me life
Take your time, set the mood right
Settle down, skeptical at first but now I’m not

[Chorus: Swae Lee] Won’t be late, won’t delay (Hey)
Won’t be late, won’t delay (Yeah)

[Verse 2: Drake] Yeah, yeah, saving my time for you
Suddenly I freed up (Free)
Freezing my times with you
When I’m lonely, I can bring them up
Closed off my line for you (Closing down my line)
I’m better when I’m just on my own, girl
Standing in line for you (Standing in line for you)
Standing here for I don’t know how long, girl
Things I wrote (Ayy), lengths I go
Lets you know that I want you
Words we spoke (Yeah), things you wrote
Let me know that you want me too (Yeah)
Ikebe, pressing on me heavy
Pressing up against me real close
Bakasi, moving on me wassy
Time is moving real slow

[Chorus: Swae Lee] Won’t be late, won’t delay (Hey)
Won’t be late, won’t delay (Yeah)
Won’t be late, won’t delay (Hey)
Won’t be late, won’t delay (Yeah)

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