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Three Type Of Beliefs That Messed Up The African Mindset

Written by 666jams

These Belief System is what have been indoctrinated in Africans and They are seriously massing up the Average African Mindset

Throughout the globe and throughout time, people have beloved and worshiped Plenty of gods. However, if one god was actual and all the remainder pretend, we might know.


Its a Fact that Africans have their own African traditional worship and practices,before the coming of the foreign religions and the name of God is translated into various words in many African languages spread throughout the continent and for one to start assuming that God is above the heavens its not tactful instead God is everywhere and in our heart


This is also another part of what has over thrown the thinking of an Average mindset of an African and it has brainwashed many because the idea of Satan is a myth, dreamed up by people who couldn’t think of any other way to explain why evil exists. We alone are responsible when we do bad things, and we can’t blame some imaginary devil.


Another belief is this and its put fear in the mind of many Religious people in Africa lets take an example : Switch on a Lighter, then hold your finger in its tiny flame for five seconds. What happens? You are going to get burnt and you will scream involuntarily and suffer wounds from the burnt for several days . Now why will a Loving God Punish People Forever in Hell fire ? This is very logical to reason about and conclude that such places dont exist

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