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Tory Lanez Celebrates Success Of “SKAT” While DaBaby & Megan The Stallion Feud

Written by 666jams

Crescent tensions between DaBaby and Megan reached a boiling point on Saturday after DaBaby reportedly replaced Tories Lanez and himself.

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“Encourage me to do something unusual in private and public…

These men of industry are pretty odd, “In response, Megan tweeted. “This scenario is not like a goddamn ‘fight’ and I really would like people to stop treating it like it is Internet garbage for people enjoy it and retweets.”


Fired back by DaBaby: “You’ve done allowing these people to get your best. For Ya, Ion doesn’t have bad energy. I’m not a ‘industry,’ you know, n***, let em deceive you, let me think that you’re stumbling. Stand on, without feeling that I’m against you. Stay concentrated on my g.”


See tweets below for Lanez’s.

“SKAT’s achievement” continued to be celebrated by Tory Lanez while Megan Thee Stallion, and DaBaby went on Twitter.
With the DaBaby and Megan Thee Stallion exchange heated with Tory Lanez on Twitter, despite the tension, the Canadian rapper continue celebrating the success of his new Single.

“From my blessings, I reproach every negative energy. God truly gives me favour, “Early Sunday morning, Lanez stated on Twitter. “And my sole right is to provide individuals in need compassion and good faith!”

It was also celebrating “SKAT,” which in a separate tweet became the leading trendsong on YouTube.

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