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“We Can’t Survive Without Yahoo Boys” – Prostitutes Join #EndSARS Protest (Video)

Written by 666jams

As the EndSARS protest causes major headlines in the country due to the brutality many Nigerian youth are facing daily in the hands of this Police men, So many people have also joined in the protest from A list musicians , Top Nollywood actors ands Actress .

But one thing that can be seen is the motive for this End Sars movement is a positive one , the #EndSars protests may have observed to be hijacked by Yahoo boys, prostitutes who can be doing this just to protect their Yahoo Boy Customers, and even armed Robbers, kidnappers and murderers have disguised to be part of the protest.

In this Video seen online, these young girls were boldly seen ranting of how Sars officials are harassing their yahoo boys customers because they are the ones that pays well and give a better patronage to their business , quite a number of people have seen it to be a nuisance as being displayed by these young girls but some people see it as an expression of thoughts as the EndSars campaign is beginning to hit major cities across Nigeria.


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